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Monday, February 13, 2012

Boston Globe Can't Stop Bullying Tim Thomas

Now they're talking about his "legacy" being in jeopardy, and they're comparing him to Manny Ramirez and Curt Schilling (who supported John McCain) who they say have tarnished Boston legacies. Ummm...maybe he cares, but maybe he doesn't. And many Boston sportswriters are pretty fickle, that I imagine that many Boston athletes simply don't care. We can count athletes such as Ted Williams, Nomar Garciaparra, Pedro Martinez, Wade Boggs and Bill Buckner as just a few athletes who the Boston media loved, then hated, and perhaps loved once again.

What the Globe seems to be saying is that Tim Thomas is posting political opinions on facebook and then refusing to talk about it, and the Globe seems to be suggesting that he either talk about his posts with them (even though they will criticize him even more), or that he shut up (which is probably what they want). The Globe continues to ask everyone on the planet if he is a distraction because the second someone agrees with them, they will never let it drop.

Boston Globe readers more or less don't care what Thomas says. 60% of respondents (in a Boston Globe poll) say that Tim Thomas can say what he wants, or that they don't care what he says as long as the Bruins win. 40% say it is too distracting, although my guess is that none of these respondents actually play on the Bruins.

So seems like it's the Globe that cares most, while most fans don't care at all.

Wonder why the Globe didn't perform the same survey when Theo refused to meet with GW Bush.