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Friday, February 10, 2012

Boston Globe Bullying Tim Thomas Again

First Tim Thomas was slammed by the media for opening his mouth on why he refused to go to the white house. The media suggested that he should have just kept his mouth shut and gone anyway.

Now Tim Thomas posted something supporting Catholics on his facebook page. This time, Tim Thomas has decided not to say anything. But now the media is asking why he won't talk about his view more in the open.

The Globe keeps suggesting that Tim Thomas is a divisive voice in the Bruins' locker room, one can presume, because he doesn't support Barack Obama. But doesn't the Globe realize that over half of America disapprove of Obama's policies?

Maybe someone in the Globe's business section should explain to someone in the Globe's sports section that the economy is hurting, largely due to Barack Obama's failed policies.

It's refreshing that one person is unafraid to express dissent against what the government is doing. I wish more politicians would do so.