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Monday, February 06, 2012

Catholic Church Sees Light on Obamacare; Will Not Comply

On the eve of the jamming through of Obamacare a couple of years ago, the Catholic Church discounted parishoner objections about the government mandating abortion and contraception and backed the law anyway as a way to "help the poor." Now that the law does indeed force all Catholic hospitals and charities to allow abortion and contraception or be shut down, the Church has seen the light and is opposing these measures strongly.

Yesterday the Catholic Bishops clearly said that they will absolutely not abide by the regulations and are rightly decrying Obamacare as a trampling of the right to freedom of religion. For the Church, this step is nothing less than extraordinary. It is typically a very liberal institution and apolitical. While sometimes naive, the Catholic Church is doing the right thing - finally. Unfortunately, Obama will likely ignore the Church and force compliance or risk being shut down entirely.

A sad but expected turn when the government controls the entire health care industry. But at least Catholics - even the very liberal ones - are now getting annoyed.