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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Obama's Father Had Several Wives

There have been lots of articles about Romney's faith, and in particular, about the fact that Mormons used to have more than one wife. These articles typically mention Mitt Romney's great-grandfather, who, born, in 1846, eventually had five wives. But enough talk about people born pre-civil war, when slavery was also legal. Let's talk about things that happened during the past 50 years, shall we?

How many wives did Barack Obama's father have? Well, we know he fathered 8 children from four different women, but he only married three times, as he died from a drunk driving accident before his fourth marriage. Why is it that so few news outlets give Obama a pass here? Barack Obama's cousin might have the answer:

You have to remember that his father was an African and in Africa, polygamy is part of life.

Ok - there you have it.