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Monday, July 16, 2007

Does GW Deserve Any Credit on North Korea?

So the North Koreans have shut down their nuclear reactor. I'd say the Bush administration at least deserves a little credit for the efforts in dealing with North Korea. First, when the rest of the world had their heads in the sand, it was the Bush administration who first uncovered and declared that they were working on nukes. The rest of the world hooed and hollered and emphatically declared that it wasn't true - until that is, until Kim Yong Il admitted it.

Then with N Korea looking to go nuclear, the rest of the world wanted diplomacy but results - a near impossible task when dealing with madmen. Guess what - they got em. Hey, whether Kim dupes us again, who knows - all I'm saying is one of the three original axes of evil seems on the way to being dismantled.

Is it a mammoth achievement? Maybe, maybe not. But, if mammoth means a Nobel Prize - then yes - Mr. Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Prize for thinking he had accomplished what GW is now doing. Jimmy, would you so kindly drop your prize off at the White House? GW just cleaned up your mess.