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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

First 14 Days: Disastrous

First Richardson, then Geitner, then Daschle, then this latest one. While some of the issues might be viewed as "honest mistakes," I really think we have to question Obama's poor judgement. Did the appointees dupe Obama, or did Obama think they would skate through regardless of the fact that they did something illegal? I believe it's both. On the one hand, they probably were less than forthright with Obama. But also, I believe Obama, who had dodged every bullet because the media refused to criticize him during his campaign, really thought he would get away with this stuff once again. My personal opinion.

What about this pork-laden stimulus bill? The great uniter couldn't gather one republican vote?

What about his banning of lobbyists, except now that he has changed his tune?

What about his protectionist Buy America in the stimulus bill, and now he has backed down to pressure from the EU?

Let's not even mention his ties with Blagojevich. Remember the day before he was indicted? How they stood together in criticizing Bank of America? And then how Obama said that they never spoke about his senate replacement? Of course they had spoken - Rahm Emmanuel had spoken with him multiple times. Not saying they ever did anything wrong, but his statement was false, and the media chose to give him a get out of jail free card that time (maybe literally).

Let's say that the first two weeks have not gone according to plan.