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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Note to Elites: Tea Party Saved GOP This Year

Mort Kondracke, the wannabe "moderate" elitist and FoxNews contributor, says that Palin and DeMint were responsible for the Senate losses this year and went so far as to call Palin "a joke." Maybe he's just mad that his boy Obama's agenda is toast.

No one should be surprised by these statements, but they're simply not true. Sure, conservatives prevented a liberal Republican (Mike Castle) from winning in Delaware. But what good is "more of the same" just because he has an "R" next to his name? Perhaps they also fielded a poor candidate in Sharon Angle in Nevada. But it was the state GOP establishment that endorsed Harry Reid over Angle! And finally, in Colorado, it was another poor GOP gubernatorial candidate that forced conservatives to pick the independent Tom Tancredo instead of going with a straight GOP ticket. This inevitably hurt a potential win for Buck.

Regardless, the tea party conservatives and not the GOP establishment are responsible for winning 6 Senate seats and 65 House seats. That's pretty damn spectacular! (Remember what happened the last time we got the GOP establishment's dream candidate in McCain...)