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Monday, November 08, 2010

Obama's Chicago Boys Playing Their Corrupt Games

So Republican Mark Kirk won the election, but the democratically-controlled state legislation refuses to seat him until next month. Why? They say paperwork takes time. Interesting that West Virginians and Delawarians will be seating their senators right away (well they are democrats!). Also interesting that Obama is trying to compromise on the tax bill during his lame duck session, instead of waiting until 2011 when he would have to deal with more republicans. Nonetheless right now he'd probably prefer to deal with a Senate with 59 Dems than 58. (And this is preferable to dealing with a Senate of only 53 next year). Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's a lot easier to peel off one Maine Republican to side with them, than it is to find two.

The trouble is that this is how Obama works. He did the same thing with healthcare reform. After Kennedy died, the MA senate changed their law from having an election to having a temporary three month appointment. Interestingly this MA appointee gave Obama the 60th vote that he needed to pass the monstrosity of a healthcare bill. Then when Brown was elected, it didn't matter as the bill had already been voted upon.

Any wonder why people have lost faith in Obama?