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Friday, November 05, 2010

Should Boehner Be The Guy?

Should he be speaker of the house? In short, I think no, but believe there should be an election to determine who the next speaker will be. My reasons may not be the best, but I caught a glimpse of his interview with Bret Baier yesterday, and came away thinking that he's not the guy. He says all the right things, and is saying he'll hold his ground against President Obama's agenda. I kinda believe him, but will he be able to continue to hold his ground when the media is lambasting him every day for holding things up? Don't know.

The real reason I don't want him at the top is the same reason I didn't want Bob Dole to be the Republican nominee. I agree with most of their view points, but they don't sell themselves well. The type of guy we need is someone like Tony Snow who was smart, but also very smooth, and also really likeable, so much so that he became extremely effective, even though the media tried to catch him out. I know it's a little superficial, but Boehner comes across a little angry, and I think the media will find it easy to demonize him, even though it'll be unfounded.

In terms of Boehner's stance - I like the fact he wants to repeal healthcare, but I think finding an alternative to cut healthcare costs is the best way to repeal it. I also like extending Bush's tax cuts, but believe it'd be far better if we take this one step further and cut them more, as well as corporate tax rates.

Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.