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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Obama's Debt Commission is NOT Bi-Partisan

President Obama like to create these faux bi-partisan commissions to advance his agenda. A true bi-partisan commission of 18 people would have allowed the republicans to choose 9 members and democrats choose 9. That clearly didn't happen. Republicans were allowed to select 6, Congressional democrats selected 6, and Obama selected 6. Obama also selected the chairman of the commission, who is a democrat. One of Obama's choices was the infamous Andrew Stern from the SEIU. Within Obama's 7 choices were 2 quoted Republicans - Alan Simpson, and Honeywell Ceo David Cote. David Cote is well-known for his political donations to Obama and in turn, Obama has rewarded him with billions of dollars of stimulus contracts. I truly do not think he's in favor of reducing debt.

So let's do a tally. There are 11 democrats, including the Chairman. Let's add David Cote to Obama's said for 12. So 12 democrats, 7 republicans. Some have questioned whether Alan Simpson is very conservative or not. I do not know so I group him with Republicans. So 12 out of 19 are on Obama's side, for 63%.

In the latest congressional elections Republicans won 65% of Senate Races, 68% of Governor Races, and 56% of House races. I think Republicans should have better represenatation on this partisan commission.