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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Beck Ratings: Still Pretty Strong

Last night I was talking to some people about Beck and a few people mentioned how his ratings are down 50%. A couple others said he was crazy and that's why his ratings were suffering. He's not everyone's cup of tea - I get that. (Who is?)I checked the internet and there were a ton of articles saying the same thing - that ratings were down big. Because I watch the guy a couple of times a week, depending upon the topic, and I didn't notice any difference in his tone, I figured that I'd check it out.

The ratings I see show that he consistently has attracted about 2 million viewers per night, even though he is on at 5pm, and this crushes anyone else in that time slot. In fact he usually attracts twice as many viewer at 5pm as CNN or MSNBC does at primetime. So what are people talking about?

I've looked at the numbers, and while Beck has consistently attracted 2 million viewers, he did have a "spike" in ratings from September 09 until March 2010 where, instead of attracting 2 million, he got up to about 2.7 million. I personally can't remember why it would have spiked at that time, except maybe that was when Obama was ramming healthcare down the throat of America and was when Scott Brown was running for Senator - maybe there was more poltical fervor at that time. And from those ridiculously high levels for that short time period, yes, he is down.

Other than that, same ol same ol. I don't see a huge change, but don't believe me, check the numbers for yourself.