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Friday, May 13, 2011

Is Romney Already Finished?

Mitt Romney was my preferred candidate in 2008. By far, he had the best understanding of the American economy - and probably still does among the candidates. But as the WSJ and the National Review point out, the health care plan he signed in Massachusetts is a complete disaster and yet he fails to admit it was a mistake.

Costs are rising in Massachusetts, price controls are in the offing, and the plan is losing popularity. We understand that Romney does not feel that he can flip-flop on what he had touted as his signature accomplishment in office. But if there is one thing we would expect a successful businessman to know, it is when to walk away from a failed investment.

Romney is still going to be a tough candidate, but we now need someone who is adamantly opposed to government-run health care - whether on a national or local level. I don't think Romney is that guy.