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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Weiner Not a Story in Boston?

If a congressman does something creepy, but a major newspaper doesn't report it, then did it really happen? That might be why the Boston Globe is trying to keep Anthony Weiner's freaky story under-cover (as if it didn't happen). I'm not sure what's on the front cover of the Boston Globe paper copy today but if you go to their online edition, it's VERY HARD to find the story about Weiner.

Go to, the website of the Boston Globe. It is absolutely not found on the first page. If you go to "Hot Topics" category - there are 5 stories. Not Weiner. The Bruins game is covered (fair enough). Then a hacking incident at EMC, then some local corruption story, then there's talk about a storm, then there's a story about what Patrick Kennedy is up to (umm, who cares?)

Then there's 5 more stories - nothing too significant. Even in the headlines under politics on the first page, there are 2 stories mentioned. Who would have thought - Santorum running for President was so important!. No Weiner.

If you go to the Today's Globe section. There is nothing about Weiner on Page One. No worries - scroll down about 57 stories, and there you have it - something about Anthony Weiner. Ok - it's covered if you dare to look hard for it, but for some reason, they didn't deem it important enough to put it anywhere near the front page.

Maybe this will change in the next few hours as websites do, or maybe the Globe has some reasons they think that Romney and Santorum are bigger stories than Weiner today.