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Monday, August 01, 2011

Obama's New Deal: Where's the Beef?

Ok - the stock markets are rallying today on news of Obama's Great Compromise. "it was an historic deal" - according to Yahoo news. Somehow the media thinks everything with this president is historic. "1 trillion of IMMEDIATE CUTS..." the article said. Really?

I say show me the cuts. Does anybody know what they are? If so, why is no one telling us. And are the cuts off the insanely bullish CBO budget details? Because I'd bet big money they are and to me these are not cuts. And it's great that there will now be another new commission to study where future cuts will come from, but how is this new commission different from the last one? And will there be a press conference telling us what the plan is? I bet not. And these "immediate cuts" are no such thing. Doe anyone really think Obama will cut a dime in the year of his election? Not gonna happen.

The only time the GOP has leverage is right now. Obama's approval ratings keep falling by the day as Americans see the man doesn't know how to balance a checkbook. And now we're settling for a trillion today and we'll figure out the rest later? And wow - Boehner and McConnell won a vote for the balanced budget amendment. The dems will shoot it down, and even if they don't, Obama will veto it - so big deal - a vote is not a result.

If Republicans have any spine, and want to save the country, they'll just say no.