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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

President Enjoys Puerto Rico: Kept Campaign Promise?

Another trip for Obama. This time to sunny Puerto Rico. When President Obama arrived yesterday he mentioned that he kept his campaign promise made in 2008. Did he?

Back in 2008, Obama said:

I will also work closely with the government of Puerto Rico, its private sector and labor leaders to advance an aggressive agenda of job creation, economic development and new prosperity. The levels of unemployment on the Island over the last three decades are unacceptable...

Yesterday Obama modified his past pledge:

I promised to include Puerto Rico not just on my itinerary, but also in my vision of where our country needs to go.

Unfortunately for Puerto Ricans (and everybody else), Obama's vision has meant higher unemployment for all, especially Puerto Ricans. Since he has been in office, the unemployment rate in Puerto Rico has gone from 12% to 16.4%.

Maybe next time, for the Puerto Rico's sake, Obama can stay home and send a few jobs instead?