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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Media Aim at Re-electing Obama

Ok, this is going to be nothing new to most people, but I predict that over the next 11 months, the media's outpouring of love for Obama will intensify, while they will also attempt to cover up and/or help the president in embarrassing situations that do not show the president in a good light. Is this anything new? No, but it is an election year, and after three pretty record-breaking horrible years, the media knows that without their help, Obama doesn't have a chance. I will give you a few example of how the media has helped Obama look good, and where they have helped cover up potentially embarrassing situations during the past few days alone. First, here's what the main stream media reported this week:

1. Obama and his family released 4 sea turtles into the ocean.
2. Obama was photographed with American troops
3. Obama took his wife out for dinner
4. Obama was photographed with family friend Marty Nesbitt
5. Obama was photographed with baby
6. Michelle Obama was photographed with baby

Now, here's what the main stream media would have reported if Obama were Republican:

1. Obama golfed again, and he would have been asked how he feels golfing, being that 100,000 Americans are still at war in Afghanistan.
2. Not only did Obama golf again, but he golfed with a buddy who was jailed earlier in the year for soliciting prostitution.
3. Obama was not photographed driving a golf cart as that would be as bad as when John Kerry were photographed wind-surfing.
4. The $4 million cost of the trip, or $3500 would certainly have been mentioned if he were Republican. Romney's fictitious $10,000 wager was talked about for days by the media (or less than 3 days at Obama's resort).
5. Michelle Obama's $2000 dress wasn't mentioned
6. The media would have cornered Obama, asking him if he felt guilty that while he added another $1.5 trillion in debt this year, he was taking yet another lavish vacation.

I have no issues at all with Obama taking a vacation. I have no issues with his playing golf or spending time with his family. But my point is that when a Republican, like GW Bush, played golf, he was slammed by the media, meanwhile it is not mentioned for Obama, or he is praised for having some downtime with friends.

My other point is the spin. The media will help Obama in anyway they can over the next year, and they're just beginning. Keep a close eye out. It's there. I can't see it helping much, but they will try.