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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Romney's Problem: Moderate Establishment Advisors

Mitt Romney has started to become palatable to conservatives as he has gotten pushed to the right. Then his advisor Eric Fehrnstrom said that today's Romney message is just for the primary and then when the general election starts, Romney will be like an "Etch a Sketch" and erase his message and start over. This is a major error and Romney needs to take control of his campaign before it gets hijacked like the McCain/Palin one did (emphasis on Palin).

Are you kidding? If this is what Romney's advisor believes, he should be fired. If it's true, then Romney has got some real explaining to do. We don't need a GOP candidate who believes that someone has to change his message to everyone. He's had a pretty good message focusing on the economy and telling the truth about Obama's catastrophe - just stick to it! And throw out the bums who disagree.