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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Anti-Christian Tampa Tribune

The Tampa Tribune recently reminded us that, once again, it is perfectly reasonable to trash Christianity to forward its liberal agenda.

After a Catholic school in Queens, NY fired a single pregnant kindergarten teacher, the Tribune wrote the following in an editorial:

Religious freedom should allow the school to enforce its standards without government interference. But it's hard to imagine that Jesus would want this woman fired. After all, his own mother once found herself pregnant and unmarried.

That's right - it doesn't matter that the central tenet to the Catholic faith is that Jesus was immaculately conceived by the Virgin Mary. In the mind of the Tribune's editorial staff, she might as well have been a teen who slept around and got pregnant. Once again, the Left reminds us that only Islam is the religion that must be protected.

Michelle Malkin Tells Off Garafolo - Oh Yeah!

Malkin is at her best in this article, telling off Janeane Garafolo and angry liberals. She has an interesting, if not morbid, piece of advice for these hateful angry libs:

In the words of the Late, Great Bill Hicks, about the most
conciliatory thing I can say for those people at this point is simply this:

Kill Yourself

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

US Beats Europe in Reducing Emissions?

Alright, hold on to your seats and try to contain your excitement. That's right - there's a global climate change conference going on in Montreal. In case you haven't been keeping up via live blog, here's the news: evidently, the US has reduced emissions by more than Europe since year 2000. Since the Kyoto agreement was adopted by the UN just a few years earlier in 97, this probably means that the US is either beating or similiar to Europe in terms of reducing emissions since the day it was signed. Sorry - I'm not interested enough in this oh-so-fascinating topic to get the precise 1997 data. But, can someone remind me - why do we have this protocol when a country which hasn't signed is doing better than those that have signed? And why is Bush being so maligned if this is the case?

Kyoto is a joke. Everyone knows it. If Europeans want to abide by this thing, that's their prerogative. But please - they gotta quit their whining, quit the bashing, and c'mon - it's about time they get them emissions down!

Thank Democrats for This!

Every time the US senate gets queasy about Iraq and starts demanding immediate withdrawal, this gives the terrorists hope. Every time the terrorists sense weakness, we've seen more kidnappings - it worked with the Spanish, and to some extent with the Italians, and to varying degrees with other groups. Now terrorists are calling the hand of US democrats as they know that senate democrats are waffling. People like John Kerry have gone from full scale support, to demanding more troops, to now demanding a pull out. I guess the waffler description has always been true. Don't be surprised if we see more kidnappings as democrats continue to rant and rave. Guess who you're helping guys?

Saturday, November 26, 2005

We Need This Man on the Supreme Court

If there were any doubts as to the conservatism is Sam Alito, check out what he wrote twenty years ago: he

first became interested in government and politics during the 1960s, the greatest influences on my views were the writings of William F. Buckley, Jr., the National Review, and Barry Goldwater's 1964 campaign.

then he goes on to say,

I believe very strongly in limited government, federalism, free enterprise, the supremacy of the elected branches of government, the need for a strong defense and effective law enforcement, and the legitimacy of a government role in protecting traditional values.

This guy's a home-run. If his views have not changed, Sam Alito will be the best new justice since Clarence Thomas. In my opinion, the US desperately needs this man.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Clintonista Comes Clean on Resume

Former Clinton Energy Secretary and now New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson admitted he lied on his resume about being drafted by the A's back in the 60s.

In the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal, but how in the world could someone believe he was really drafted by a pro baseball team? That's about as believable as former NSA chief Sandy Berger saying he forgot he stole classified documents when he shoved them down his pants or Bill Clinton saying he didn't have sex with Monica Lewinsky.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Walt Williams: America vs. Europe

Walter Williams has a great article on the economic differences between Europe and America. Despite Paul Krugman's claims to the contrary (the NYTimes reporter who continually shows his idiocy every time he writes something), the shorter European workweek is not the only problem with the European economy.

Too many Europeans are worried that "American conditions" might seep into their own economies, which will keep Europe well behind America for years to come.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Liberal News Bias?

What liberal news bias? Not at CNN. "Investigation X" is underway at the Clinton News Network about how an 'X' was mysteriously placed over Dick Cheney's face during his speech.

I'm sure that if people actually watched CNN, someone besides Drudge might have noticed.

CNN claims it was all due to a computer malfunction.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Jackass Quote of the Day Award

And the jackass award goes to Chris Matthews of Hardball notoriety, who, in a speech at the University of Toronto, claimed that terrorists aren't really bad people.

"If we stop trying to figure out the other side, we've given up. The person on the other side is not evil -- they just have a different perspective."

That's right - it's just a "different perspective." Under the Matthews reasoning, everyone from Pol Pot to Hitler to Stalin were great people with diverse and differing "perspectives." Something to think about....which again helps explains his show's terrible ratings.

Ariel Sharon Resigns from Likud Party

In a bold move to gain more acceptance for the Mid East Road Map, Ariel Sharon resigned from the party he helped create. He will call for a special election within 90 days in an effort to gain support for Israel's "Peace" Deal.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Congress Agrees on Self Pay-Raise

Finally something in Congress everyone agrees on - a pay raise. Apparently Congressmen believe they are underpaid and deserve more money. Yup - the biggest blowhards in the U.S. now earn over $165,000 per year, have the best health and pension plans money can buy - and have their own alternative to a Social Security program where they can actually invest their own money instead of loaning it to the government interest free.

It sure does pay to work in Congress these days - and now they can add another $3,100 per year...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stansfield Turner The Bombthrower

Stansfield Turner, former CIA head of the Carter Administration, has accused the U.S. of torturing prisoners. He has also called Dick Cheney the "vice president for torture." Like his former boss, Turner has taken to slandering President Bush, inferring that Bush is lying when he says the U.S. does not condone torture.

I would expect nothing less from someone in the Carter Administration.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Men's Health Man of the Decade

Britain's Men's Health named its Man of the Decade: I couldn't agree more!

The Fight Against War Flip-Floppers Continues

The RNC released a must-see video compilation of top ranking Democrats over the past several years and their thoughts on Saddam Hussein's WMD program. If you want to see it, you will have to visit the website because (and this is just a hunch) you won't see it on CNN or PMSNBC.

Listen to Larry: Make Tax Cuts Permanent: NOW!

Economist Larry Kudlow is expressing dismay that Republicans haven't moved on making the 15% tax rate on capital gains and dividends permanent. He brings up a great point: 60% of Americans are invested in equity. While democrats will continue to whine that tax cuts only help the rich, 60% of our population sounds pretty much like middle class America to me.

We all know that (top 1%) wealthy democrats like Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and the Clintons do not need tax cuts, and therefore, if they want to forego their savings received from tax cuts, I'm sure most charities would be amenable to accepting their donations, as would the US government. However, these wealthy democrats are absolutely destroying the middle class and the economy if they raise tax on investments (which everyone knows is a done-deal) if democrats ever win an election.

Not everyone is wealthy enough to be a democrat!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Republicans Want to be Democrats - AGAIN

Republicans in the Senate are apparently going to push for a plan to end the war. they mean the War on Terror or the War in Iraq? Either way, I would love to see the "plan." Perhaps we set a truce or ceasefire with the Islamofascists? I'm sure that's going to work.

This wreaks of disaster if Republicans try to pass a plan to pull out of Iraq before the job is complete. One, the U.S. would lose the most important war of my lifetime and two, Republicans will get crushed for acting like a bunch of Democrats. If they truly do try to pass a hasty troop pullout plan, they deserve to lose every seat in the Senate (unfortuantely for Dems, they deserve even worse). Heck, I'll vote libertarian.

At least the GOP had the good sense to block a Democratic timetable (aka: a withdrawal and admitted failure) to arbitrarily pull out. Maybe the Republicans in the Senate still have at least a little sense.

Hey Congress - Hands Off Private Industry

What do the following American industries have in common: cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, brokerage, asset management, and now oil? In short, they make money, and this makes them susceptible to government intervention. Now normally we associate an anti-business and an increased regulatory environment with democrats. However republicans have also jumped into the fray, complaining about excessive profits in the oil industry and what they should do about it. Unfortunately, this is where republicans usually get into trouble - when they start acting like democrats.

As Caroline Baum points out, the problem with this is that increased regulation would likely increase the price of oil further. In addition, who's do decide what is "excessive," especially since oil companies have barely beated the S&P during the past 12 years? If congress really wants to do something about oil prices, they should be increasing the number of refineries, but we know that can't happen as democrats recently struck that proposal down. (not in my backyard syndrome)

As I see it, the real problem is that a lot of America's best companies are bound to become less competitive on a global scale if congress keeps jumping in and telling them what to do. Companies like Walmart, Microsoft, Philip Morris, Lilly, and Exxon are routinely being beaten up in the press and are constantly under the threat of increased government regulation. The US, with it's 40% corporate tax rate (35% fed, 5% state) is already one of the highest in the developed world. Compare this with Ireland or the fastest growing Eastern European countries which are in the mid-teens % tax rate. This is already hurting US competitiveness.

If congress really wants to help the American people with their oil bills, allow oil companies to do more exploration and to build a few more refineries. Otherwise, supply and demand are not in balance and economics 101 dicatates a higher oil price. C'mon congress - leave your socialists policies in Europe - we don't want any.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Democratic Bomb Throwers

It's official (as if we didn't already know): Democrats will NOT debate anything. As Howard Dean's example of turning down an appearance on Meet the Press with his RNC counterpart shows us, he would rather attack his enemies without them having a chance to defend themselves.

Hey, it's become the Democratic way - and the press couldn't be happier to oblige.

Chris Wallace Points Out Dem. Sen. Rockefeller Hypocrisy

On FoxNews Sunday, Chris Wallace questioned Jay Rockefeller's sincerity when he questions President Bush on "misleading the U.S." on intelligence. Wallace showed a 2002 clip of Sen. Rockefeller (D-WV), in which he stated that:

Saddam Hussein poses an "imminent threat," but that should not even be the question in a post 9/11 world.

(Note that Bush only said that "while the threat may not be imminent, we cannot wait for threats to materialize...") Further, Rockefeller said:

"There is unmistakable evidence that Saddam Hussein is working aggressively to develop nuclear weapons."

Wallace asked the Democrat why he can make these statements based on the same intelligence while criticizing President Bush today. Rockefeller began rambling about various subjects, none of which answered the question. Unfortunately, if you look at almost any Democratic leader (including Clinton, Gore, Kerry,...), they have the same problem - they voted for the war and supported the President when he was popular and now claim they didn't have the brains to know what they were voting for...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Critical Carter is Still the Worst U.S. President in History

Having presided over a pathetic foreign policy and the worst economy in U.S. history since the Great Depression, Jimmy Carter still loves to criticize others. In criticizing President Bush, Carter repeats the same unsubstantiated lies that Democrats love to tout: Bush lied, he loves torturing prisoners, he single-handedly destroyed the environment and he wants a Christian theocracy.

Carter should thank his lucky stars that President Bush doesn't rip into him for his disaster of a Presidency - something that would be entirely justified the way that Carter has treated Bush.

I have a better title for your new book, Jimmy: "1976-1980: How Not to Run a Country."

Friday, November 11, 2005

Bush's Turning Point: Finally Fighting

I think we will look back at the last 2 weeks and discover that this was a turning point for President Bush. First, the appointments of Ben Bernanke and Sam Alito. Today Bush slammed Democrats and the media who are trying to re-write history about the events leading up to the Iraq War.

"Some Democrats and anti-war critics are now claiming we manipulated the intelligence and mislead the American people about why we went to war," Bush said.

"More than 100 Democrats in the House and the Senate who had access to the same intelligence voted to support removing Saddam Hussein from power," Bush said.

I don't know why it has taken Bush so long to come out and fight back with the truth to counter the MSM. Still, it's better late than never. Bush has always been a President who has tried not to answer his critics. Let's hope this is the beginning of a real fight to set things straight - the facts are on his side - he just needs to explain them to average Americans.

Bill Kristol has a great article about why it's important for Bush to answer his opponents' lies that seem to now be accepted by the public as truth.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Late Thoughts on Elections

Since I haven't had an opportunity to post anything this week, I just thought I would comment on Tuesday's special elections, which if I were to believe the media, are "sending a strong message to Republicans." Hogwash.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Corzine (D-NJ) spent $40 million of his own money in an extremely Democratic state and won the governorship. In the Virginia governor race, Tim Kaine (D-VA) campaigned on a conservative, Christian, theme to defeat Republican Jerry Kilgore, whose central campaign theme was highway infrastructure. Say what? Your opponent was part of an administration that gave Virginia the biggest tax hike in history based on manipulated revenue projections and the best you can come up with is: "I'm the better guy to build more highways?"

Finally, in California, the Governator lost his ballot initiatives, but let's face it - California is a red-headed step-child (no offense to red-headed stepchildren), where unions control the state.

Do Republicans claim that Democrats were "sent a strong message" when a Republican Mayor Bloomberg won New York? Of course not - because he ran on Democratic values. If there is a message to learn from the campaign, it is that Republicans MUST stick to their core values: limited government, free markets, and lower taxes.

(Senate, listen up: if you abandon your promise to extend the tax cuts, then you deserve to lose.)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

How are You Observing Veterans' Day?

If you're looking for a way to honor our Vets this Friday, why not consider donating to a great cause - Project Valour-IT.

Project Valour-IT is a
Soldiers' Angels project, and works to provide laptops and voice-activated software for our wounded troops.

The project is done in memory of
SFC William V. Ziegenfuss, the father of milblogger CPT Charles "Chuck" Ziegenfuss of TC Override, who suffered hand wounds while serving in Iraq, and received one of the laptops with software.

The computers are being distributed to our wounded heroes at major
medical centers like Walter Reed; by speaking into a microphone, our wounded heroes are able to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones, surf the 'Net, and communicate with buddies still in the field without having to press a key or move a mouse.

And right now, there's a fundraising blog competition going on, complete with auctions where you can pick up some great stuff while helping a worthy cause. Over at my usual blogging haunt, I'm blogging for the Army Team, which is, of course, where you want your donation to go :). But whichever team you choose, you'll be helping to get this much-needed equipment out to those who've done so much for all of us.

Donate to the Army Team (click the button at the top of the page)
Donate to the Navy Team
Donate to the Marines Team
Donate to the Air Force Team
Donate via snail mail
Current Totals For All Teams
Join a Team
Project Valour-IT Website
Project Valour-IT Blog
Project Valour-IT Auctions

Yes, your donation is tax-deductible.

Need convincing? Find out how important this project is.

Monday, November 07, 2005

US to Blame for Paris Jihad?

If the latest riots and some-say-Jihad arsons continue for much longer in Paris and/or Denmark or spread to other parts of Europe, don't be surprised if the US is fingered as being the country that caused it all. First of all, Europeans have never been shy to point to the US as causing problems on their continent. Whether it be the weather (too cold, too warm, too rainy, too many hurricanes, or too many plate-shiftings causing earthquakes), the economy (growing too fast or too slow), the oil price (too high, too low), their elections, or whatever, if the desired outcome is not at hand, people start blaming the US.

So now we have riots in Paris. Why not blame the US? C'mon - we all should know the drill by now. Islamofascists never did anyone any harm. It was the US that started it all in their quest for world domination and control of oil (Iraq) and and an endless supply of rocks (Afghanistan). It is precisely these attacks and only these attacks which is why muslims hate us. Yes - it's the US that is causing all this rage. Keep in mind that rioters in Paris are not Afghanis or Iraqis, but that never matters. Muslims always stand together. (Except if we include the last 2000 years where they're mostly at war with each other.) So this is why they're rioting in Paris. Again keep in mind that France was against the Iraq war, but again no matter.

Until now, the media has included several reasons for these riots - failure to integrate into French society, high unemployment, poverty among muslim youths. But if this thing last much longer, don't be surprised if we see the US as cause of it all - it just makes sense. And it's beginning to happen. In Sunday's Telegraph, former British ambassador to the US has implied that the Iraq invasion helped cause the London bombings. Review the reasons mentioned above for the justification. So is France next to point the finger? Stay tuned - coming soon to a European newspaper near you.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Congress Bucks Supreme Court Liberals on Eminent Domain

The House voted overwhelmingly (376-38) to pass the Private Property Rights Protection Act, which would cut off federal funds to localities that decide to steal someone's property for purposes of generating additional taxes. The bill is in response to the recent Kelo vs. New London Supreme Court decision that ok'd governments to steal private property and give it to someone else if it generated more tax revenue.

Finally something everyone can agree upon. Let's remember who on the Supreme Court voted against private property owners (hint: it wasn't the conservatives who, people love to say, favor big business).

Friday, November 04, 2005

Congress Following Carteresque Energy Policy

The message Congress is sending is that it is not good to make too much money. Market center blog points out that even Republicans Bill Frist and Dennis Hastert are saying that oil companies are earning too much money. We have seen this problem too many times in the past, including price restrictions on flu vaccines during the 90s, which has led to today's shortage.

Here's my message back to Congress: If the government is truly that concerned about high energy prices, perhaps you should reduce the energy taxes you charge. Over the past five years, the government has earned more money from energy taxes than the profits of all U.S. oil companies combined. We know who is really making too much money.

Andy Rooney in Trouble?

This morning on Imus, Andy Rooney said the following:

"I have a problem with the term African American...The word negro is a perfectly good word. There is nothing wrong with that..."

The reaction will be interesting to watch. I don't like Andy Rooney's leftist ideas, but he's right in this case about the term African-American. When the term African-American is used to describe a black person, it is misleading. For example, is Ernie Els an African-American? Yes. Is he black? No.

Needless to say, most white people aren't allowed to offer their opinions on race out of fear of offending someone. Until then, I'll continue to call Ernie Els an African-American.

*Correction: Bad example. For some reason I thought Els became an American citizen, but he has not. So you will have to replace "Ernie Els" with another white African-American.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

French Muslim Riots: The European Future

The riots in France are obviously very disturbing. Violence erupted days ago when two Muslim teens hid from police in a power substation and were electrocuted and has gotten worse ever since.

Notice how long it takes for the AP article to mention that the riots were taking place in Muslim neighborhoods (at first it just says a "band of youths"). Then, when the article discloses that the riots were started my Muslims, the journalist adds:

The violence has exposed deep discontent in neighborhoods where African and Muslim immigrants and their French-born children are trapped by poverty, unemployment, racial discrimination, crime, poor education and housing.

So in effect, it's not even their fault for starting riots - they are simply the peaceful, sympathetic victims. Europe needs to wake up because this is their future if they aren't more careful with Muslim immigration and integration.

Texans Gearing Up for Gay Marriage Vote

Texas is getting ready to vote on an amendment that would prohibit the legalization of gay marriage.

I'm going to go way out on a limb and say that Texan voters will not vote in favor of gay marriage...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Islamofascists Issue Fatwa Against Soccer

Apparently soccer is not a game that good Muslim boys should be playing. Islamofascists have outlawed it except as a way to condition one's self for jihad. (Too bad they didn't do the same with the NBA...)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Anti-Choice Liberals at Walt Whitman High

Liberals have no problem leaving decisions like aborting a child to teenagers, but they don't trust teens on issues like career choices.

At Walt Whitman High School (among many others around the country), parents are attempting to prohibit military recruiters from speaking with their high school kids without advance permission. Teens apparently are just not smart enough to realize that the military is evil.