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Monday, October 31, 2005

What's Prince Charles Thinking?

I used to think Prince Charles wasn't such a bad guy. I don't know - I'm not British so my opinion might be a bit limited, but he always seemed to be a pretty quiet man who kept to himself. Of course he never had the charm of Lady Diana and so next to her he always seemed boring and dull. But hey - that's not his fault. In addition, the fact that the mainstream media absolutely hated the guy with a passion meant to me that maybe he wasn't so bad.

Now I'm beginning to wonder. Prince Charles lecturing Bush about the merits of islam? Ok. Perry over at Samizdata has an interesting take on why this is a bad idea in: How Not to Win Friends and Influence People in the USA. I think this might go over about as well as the Guardian's effort to influence Ohio voters to vote for John Kerry. Good luck Charlie.

The Tootless UN Bites Again

The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution calling on Syria to cooperate with the investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri.

Unfortunately, it only passed after the UN dropped any hint of economic sanctions against Syria and also dropped calling for the renunciation of Syria's support for terrorism. So if they don't cooperate, what happens? The same thing that happened when Saddam defied 17 resolutions - nothing...

What a great resolution guys - keep up the good work!

Bush to Nominate Alito

According to news reports, President Bush will nominate judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. Judging from the initial hysterical reaction from the Democratic leaders and even the MSM commentators, this is the right pick.

So far the critical reaction is laughable: "Why would he do this when his ratings are so low?;" "Democrats have said this will be a divisive candidate;" etc.

Alito's qualified, he's conservative, and Bush is telling everyone that he will not back down from a fight, regardless of how desperately people want him to become a lame duck. Bush is coming back and he ain't gonna take it lying down.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Everyone's Jumping on Bush

As this blog's author, I figured I had to weigh in here with a quick entry, since almost everyone is criticizing President Bush these days. In fact, one recent comment in a blog entry included the following:

" everyone is out to get bush. thats the takeaway from this blog."

That's not the point of my blog. I'm not afraid to criticize President Bush and I've done so many times. He spends too much (well, Congress spends too much but he's afraid to use the veto), he doesn't communicate well, he can't debate well, and he wants to be liked by all, which makes him too Clintonesque for me. However, I will take a moment to remind you of some terrific things he has done that took real guts:

-The Afghan and Iraq War (which makes up for his father's and Clinton's mistakes), which has also brought 50 mm+ into a better form of government - unless you're an Islamofascist;

-He reduced taxes for every American, in particular, reducing taxes on investment for all those "rich" Americans that dare have a 401-k or mutual fund. The tax cuts are the reason the economy is in such great shape (oh, and tax revenue is up 15% yoy) and has had 10 straight quarters of 3.0%+ in GDP growth;

-He increased military spending by 35%, which although adding to a budget deficit, was necessary following the HUGE reductions in the mid 90s;

- He has promoted democracy in the Middle East (first person EVER), which is leading to small and large steps towards democracy in the most unlikely places;

-He is realigning the armed forces and removed troops from Saudi Arabia (which was the previous Muslim/liberal argument that the U.S. was a fair target);

-He addressed the Social Security problems, despite the fact that no one in Congress dares touch it and it was a 1 in 100 shot that he would ever see change implemented on his watch;

-He has appointed hundreds of new originalist judges, including a Chief Justice, which will shape the judicial branch for decades to come;

Sure, there are plenty of reasons to criticize President Bush as well, and I have done so when necessary. But, back to the comment that this is a blog that promotes the fact that "everyone is out to get Bush," I'm not sure what to say except that I disagree completely.

The reason I might highlight and attempt to disprove Bush's detractors is because the MSM simply is not a fair assessment of his record. Not a single station has had an expose on Joe Wilson's severe criticism by the Senate Intelligence Committee. Not a single station has pointed out the fact that the WMD issue in Iraq was but one of 15 reasons Congress gave for invading Iraq. Not a single station has shown accurately the increase in government revenue since the tax cuts were implemented. The truth is - the media only cares about leaked information when it hurts the Bush Administration, and that is a fact. Ask yourself why you never heard from the vast majority of CIA personnel who still believe that their Niger intelligence was correct, but instead have only heard about Joe Wilson's story (proven to be false by the Senate). Ask yourself why you have not heard anything on Paul Volcker's recent damning report of the UN Oil for Food Scandal, except for on Fox News...

It's not exactly a secret that among a poll of MSM journalists before last year's election, 93% wanted John Kerry to win. So sorry, but they're not Bush's best friends...

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Advice to GW: Time to Play Offense

GW's presidency has stumbled. Not because of what the liberals are saying: that he causes all hurricanes and then refuses to respond to them, and in the process, thrusts them upon all people of color; not because his VP's aide told the truth and was later found out in exposing the fraud of Joe Wilson; and not because his latest supreme court nominee has bowed out of the process.

His presidency has stumbled over the past 6 months because he's extended an olive branch to Democrats. We can see an example of his attempt a reconciliation by appointing Clinton to the tsumani cause, and then to the Katrina cause. No one has been a bigger critic of Bush and his father than slick Willie. This is an awfully nice gesture by Bush, but guess what? The Clintons are still going to hate your guts and criticize you every chance they get no matter what you give them. So please - stop trying!

We see the olive branch again in Bush's Supreme Court nominations. Judge Roberts was appointed after leading Senate Democrats said they would find him acceptable. Miers was appointed after leading Democrats said they preferred her. Additionally we've seen Social Security reform all but dropped, and come to think of it, I haven't heard anything about making tax cuts permanent which should have been numero uno on his agenda after the Republican sweep through the 04 elections. I have no problem with trying to reach out to others and in compromising a little, but Bush is compromising his core beliefs too much. His last 6 months have been more similar to Clinton's 8 years in the sense that, he wants and needs to be liked by everyone. GW was doing just fine before this sudden need for popularity.

But all is not lost. The economy is still strong, there is a democracy developing through parts of the world that have never seen it, and I have confidence that the new Supreme Court nominee can get the presidency back on track. Victor David Hansen has more on what GW needs to do to take the offensive.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Irony of Libby's Indictment

Scooter Libby was indicted and has resigned. After reading the indictment, the two-year investigation boils down to this: when questioned by the Special Prosecutor's office, Libby told FBI agents that he didn't know Valerie Plame was a CIA agent when reporters asked him. Patrick Fitzgerald, the prosecutor, claims he did know she was a CIA agent.

The ironic thing is that the reporter who was the catalyst for this big investigation, Walter Pincus of the Washington Post, wrote an article questioning those "sixteen words" in Bush's State of the Union address about uranium yellowcake. This article was based on Joe Wilson's report to the CIA (later determined to be false) - a classified report which was leaked to the press! (But this was not the leak being investigated.)

Assuming Libby is convicted (which is still a big "if" in my opinion), he would share something in common with our 42nd President of the U.S. (Perhaps he can use that as his defense...)

GDP: 3.8%!

This morning's GDP reading of 3.8% growth is the 10th straight quarter of 3.0%+ growth - the first time it's happened since the mid-80s. Perhaps the media will spotlight Bush's tax cuts as a reason for the historic growth...

(More likely, they will mention the growth briefly, and then throw in something like, "but things are not so optimistic down in Florida or the Gulf Coast...")

John Kerry Should Be Indicted First!

Hey, I might be in favor of investigating Libby for outing a CIA agent, but only if we do one thing first. Let's first indict John Kerry. In this case, we know that Kerry not only outed an undercover CIA agent, but he did so, even after the CIA asked that Kerry keep his name secret. Even with that request, Kerry still couldn't keep his mouth shut. Kerry did so during John Bolton's UN nomination, and unlike the Libby case, it was filmed and we have evidence of this. There's no heresay whatsoever.

Where is the mainstream media outrage about this? Do radical liberal left wing pinko commie senators from ultra left wing states somehow get a free pass when this happens? MSM doesn't seem to care when democrats out CIA agents. Just an observation.

If I were part of Bush's administration, I'd try to strike a deal. Libby for Kerry. I'd be willing to take this trade. Massachusetts has been waiting for a republican senator for a long time.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

MSM: Libby Likely to be Indicted

The NY Times says that people close to Cheney's Chief of Staff, Lewis Libby, expect Libbey to be charged with making false statements to a grand jury.

If this is true, I wonder whether the media will defend Libby as they did President Clinton when he was actually found guilty of obstruction, but still called it a "witchhunt."

Perhaps the media will choose to ignore it as they did Sandy Berger's obstruction of justice by shredding classified security documents prior to his 9/11 Commission testimony.

Or perhaps the media will push for indictments of all those other CIA and State Dept. leaks that challenged the Bush Adminstration on some part of his foreign policy. (Or Harry Reid, who spoke of classified FBI files during the Henry Saad judicial nomination process in the Senate.)

Nope - I just think they will relish this indictment, pray for jail time and hope for the destruction of the Bush Administration, as all good liberals do. Hypocrisy? Of course.

Advice to Kofi: Resign NOW

If anyone else did this they'd already be behind bars, but I'd settle for a resignation. Heads have gotta roll from this Oil for Food Fiasco. The first head should be Kofi's. According to Paul Volcker:

Secretary-General Kofi Annan knew about Hussein's corruption of the program and did little to stop the illegal activity, the Sept. 7 report said. Volcker said Annan was informed of kickbacks, oil surcharges and smuggling that allowed Hussein to skim about $13 billion from the Iraqi aid program. He didn't share that knowledge, confront Iraqi officials or take steps within the UN to address the problems, the report said.

Good riddance to Kofi and to all a good night!

Miers Withdrawal Second Smart Bush Move this Week

Earlier this week, President Bush appointed Ben Bernanke as Alan Greenspan's successor. Now Bush made his second very smart move this week: he accepted (or perhaps even encouraged) the resignation of Harriet Miers.

Nothing against Harriet Miers the person, but in addition to conservatives' desire for a known strict constructionist, they want someone who is extremely well qualified - not just a person who might be qualified.

This move will probably make it easier for Bush to get his next choice through the Senate as well. An attempt by Democrats to filibuster another candidate, even though Miers' resignation was likely due to conservatives more than Democrats, would be viewed by the public negatively.

Ode to Joy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Went to Pearl Harbor Today

I'm in Hawaii for business this week. Made a trip to the USS Arizona memorial yesterday (actually, it's still today in Hawaii - man, this time change is throwing me!).

It was a moving experience, to say the least.

I've got some more pictures, and my thoughts on the visit, posted here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

MSM Still Protecting Joe Wilson

Despite the fact that the Senate Intelligence Committee's findings that Joe Wilson lied and exagerrated his entire story about Bush's pre-war intelligence after his wife sent him to Niger to drink green tea, the Washington Post continues to defend him. Instead of repeating the Senate's report that Wilson's information was false and refuted with other intelligence from the CIA, the Post still believes his credibility entirely dependent on whether you're a Democrat or Republican.

Notice how the article goes through great pains not to use the term "lie" when referring to Wilson:

"To his critics, he is a partisan who spouts unreliable information,"

"Wilson has also armed his critics by misstating some aspects of the Niger affair,"

"Wilson had to admit he had misspoken."

Further, the Post, contrary to the Senate Intelligence Committee's findings, actually defends Wilson.

"Wilson's central assertion -- disputing President Bush's 2003 State of the Union claim that Iraq was seeking nuclear material in Niger -- has been validated by postwar weapons inspections. And his charge that the administration exaggerated the threat posed by Iraq has proved potent."

The Post has trouble with truthfulness (or plain logic) itself. The Post thinks that because a pile of uranium was not found in Iraq, that validates Wilson's claim that Saddam was never seeking to purchase uranium? Dana Milbank needs a course in common sense.

One final point: is it really necessary for the Post to insert the term "conservative" in front of the "Wall Street Journal editorial page?" Do they describe the NY Times' or their own editorial pages as "liberal" as a point of clarification? No.

In summary: Wilson's wife sends him to Niger. Wilson makes up a false story about the entire trip, including who sent him. The Senate Intelligence Committee confirms that Wilson's story was false, he lied about who sent him and that the original intelligence that the U.S. used was actually confirmed by several sources. And the MSM still believes there is some debate about this guy...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Al Qaeda Panicking?

This smells of frustration and panic to me. Al qaeda's Zawahiri is now telling people to donate as much money as they can to victims of the Pakistani earthquake. Ummm... ok. Call me crazy, but are people really stupid enough to believe this? Al qaeda and groups associated with al qaeda are the biggest killers of muslims worldwide. Whether they're bombing their own muslims in Iraq, Turkey, Indonesia, or wherever, it sounds like these mensa members may have figured something out: it's tough to win the hearts and minds of muslims when you keep blowing them up.

But there is one thing I can't understand. FEMA gets busted by the MSM for responding to Katrina hours after the fact, but Al Zawarhiri and his crack disaster recovery team gets off scot free with this announcement a full two weeks after the event. Where's the outrage?

Friday, October 21, 2005

It's About Time

The good news is that finally, Congress is starting to produce some legislation that puts responsibility right where it should be - on individuals.

House OKs Protection for Gun Makers from Lawsuits
The bill "would prohibit lawsuits against the firearms industry for damages resulting from the unlawful use of a firearm or ammunition. Gun makers and dealers still would be subject to product liability, negligence or breach of contract suits, the bill's authors say."
FINALLY! If a criminal beats someone to death with a baseball bat, I haven't seen any successful lawsuits against those manufacturers. This one's long overdue.

House Votes to Ban 'Obesity Lawsuits' Against Fast Food Industry
"House lawmakers on Wednesday passed a bill banning obesity-related lawsuits against restaurants and food manufacturers. More than 20 states already have such laws on the books."
Anyone who's claiming they thought a Big Mac was healthy needs a smack, not a cash award.

The bad news is that Congress appears to have gotten some common sense, which may be one of the signs that the End is Near...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Judge in Spain Issues Arrest Warrants for US Soldiers

I hope Congress and the Supreme Court is paying attention to this article about a Spanish judge who recently ordered arrest warrants for three US soldiers who fired on a hotel during the Iraq War, which resulted in the death of a Spanish reporter.

Congress needs to pay heed because it shows the havoc that would be wreaked on US servicemen (and politicians) if we were ever to join the International Criminal Court that the Left in our country so badly wants to adopt.

The Supreme Court should remember this instance to understand how politics often drives international law the next time it looks to foreign law to decide its own cases. Otherwise Ginsberg, Breyer & Co. might just decide to try all of our US soldiers after they fight overseas.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Iraq's Accomplishments

John Hawkins takes a minute to review how many accomplishments we have achieved in Iraq since March 2003. (I'll add a couple: the creation of the first Arab democracy in the history of the world and letting Clinton off the hook for his official "regime change" policy, which made official US policy a joke in the eyes of the world's dictators.) Additionally, this list doesn't include the democratic revolutions in the Ukraine and Lebanon, democratic movements in Egypt and the dismantling of Libya's WMD and nuclear programs, all thanks to the Iraq invasion.

Regardless of the criticism from the Left and its comparison to Vietnam, the US has achieved as much during the first two years in Iraq as it has in most of the wars in US history. I just wonder what argument the Left will use when the terrorism in Iraq dies down.

More on the EU's Plan to Control the Internet

In addition to what we wrote on October 13th (scroll down), The Wall St. Journal has more on why the EU's plan for a new Internet League of Nations is a bad idea.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Another Anti-American Pro Communist Left-Wing Radical European Wins another Nobel Prize

No one should be surprised. Why do you have to be pro-Communist, anti-freedom, and anti-American to win one of these awards these days? This goes to show you don't need an IQ higher than 40 to win a Nobel. This guy is pretty typical of lefties around the world - very unhappy, foul-mouthed, angry and hateful. He even takes it out on American football. Jeez. Michelle Malkin has a bunch of links. One of them is to Andrew Stuttaford at National Review.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Miers Selection Very Disturbing

If this WSJ article doesn't depress conservatives about the selection process of Harriet Miers, nothing will. There is anything but agreement on this choice and I'm pretty confident that she will not be installed to the High Court.

Indeed, even internal advice was shunned. Mr. Card is said to have shouted down objections to Ms. Miers at staff meetings. A senator attending the White House swearing-in of John Roberts four days before the Miers selection was announced was struck by how depressed White House staffers were during discussion of the next nominee. He says their reaction to him could have been characterized as, "Oh brother, you have no idea what's coming."

A last minute effort was made to block the choice of Ms. Miers, including the offices of Vice President Cheney and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. It fell on deaf ears. First Lady Laura Bush, who went to Southern Methodist University at the same time as Ms. Miers, weighed in. On Sunday night, the president dined with Ms. Miers and the first lady to celebrate the nomination of what one presidential aide inartfully praised to me as that of "a female trailblazer who will walk in the footsteps of President Bush."

Drudge has much more on Harriet Miers. I think she's a doomed candidate. Even though it will hurt Bush politically not to get his pick confirmed, I think it will hurt him more if he does get her confirmed. And if Bush no longer has any political capital (which I still highly doubt, since there are 55 Republican Senators) so be it. A Supreme Court pick is too important.

EU to US: Hand over Internet or Else...

The EU is demanding that the US hand over control of the internet, or else... Or else what you ask? Well, if they don't, the EU is saying the internet might fall apart. Yes - fall apart. Umm okay. So let me get this straight, the US has been running the internet over the last 35 years, and it's seemingly been running smoothly, right? Well, if you're reading this right now, you can't complain, can you? Now the EU, out of the goodness of their heart and for the benefit of all mankind, wants to bring the internet under their latest and greatest plan - which is effectively an Internet League of Nations. Yeah - that wouldn't be too bureaucratic!

I have a problem with the argument for a few reasons: First, I simply don't believe them. The internet will fall apart under US control? Should've said something more believable at least, like: Hey - hand over control or else the sky will fall. Or hand it over buddy, or the bogeyman will get ya.

Secondly, does the EU really believe that a coalition of totalitarian run countries like China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Russia could do a better job at running the internet than the US? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the beauty of the internet is free speech, right? You can say anything to anyone at anytime, no? Well, you can as long as you're not in one of these countries where censorship prevails and where freedom of expression must be first okayed by the government.

Thirdly, this is yet another example of good ol' fashioned anti-Americanism by our European cousins. It's an example of Europe trying to put some reins on what they perceive it to be as excessive US power. I might be wrong on this, but it's just my take. Otherwise, why would Europe be choosing to cozy up to these sorts of countries.

Earth to EU: The US is not looking to control the world, so let's just calm down. If that were the case, you'd know it. The US has always been willing to share its technologies with its allies whether it be nuclear technology, missile defense, or the internet. So quit your constant whining and nagging, and for once, have a little faith, just as your fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers did. Another failed League of Nations is not what the world needs right now. Let's squash this.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Gore Still Not Taking Medication

Al Gore, anti-American extraordinaire, is as unhinged and delirious as ever. In an event in Sweden, Gore said the following in response to a question about how the U.S. would be different if he were President:

"We would not have invaded a country that didn't attack us," he said, referring to Iraq. "We would not have taken money from the working families and given it to the most wealthy families.

"We would not be trying to control and intimidate the news media. We would not be routinely torturing people," Gore said. "We would be a different country.

Al, just in case you forgot:

1) The official Clinton-Gore policy in Iraq was for regime change. The Weekly Standard and National Review have both done dozens of articles showing direct quotes from you documenting Iraq's intent to acquire WMDs and its work with terrorists. You just didn't have the guts to implement your own policy.

2) Taking from poor families? This is simply ridiculous, since poor families now pay fewer taxes than they ever did in the Clinton-Gore administration. And if you want to donate your money to poor families, you are always welcome to do so.

3) Intimidating the media: I'm not quite sure what you're referring to, but I suppose you are implying that the media is so much more friendly to the Bush Administration than they ever were to your own. Yeah, keep smoking Al.

4) Routinely torturing people: that's right - the U.S. has a routine that it regularly follows in torturing people. If listening to you speak is what you are speaking about, then I agree with you - we are torturing people.

Can the Left please find someone to speak that has not gone insane? This guy could have been our President, folks! He should be in an asylum somewhere...or a fat farm.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Laura Bush: Miers Critics Sexist

Although Laura Bush is typically very thoughtful in her public remarks, I am not sure why she gives credence to the idea that critics of Harriet Miers might simply be sexist.

Asked by NBC "Today Show" host Matt Lauer if sexism was behind the attacks on Miers, Mrs. Bush said: "That's possible. I think that's possible."

This strikes me as the common Democrat excuse when something goes wrong: "we are victims" - whether it's racism, sexism, or sexual orientation. Laura should have simply said: "I have no idea, but they haven't looked at her accomplishments..."

I am not in favor of Miers because I have no idea if she is a strict constructionist or not (and I am leaning towards the latter). Put up Janice Rogers Brown or Priscilla Owen and I am fine. To introduce the sexism charge is weak - very weak.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Let's Compare the Reactions to Natural Disasters

First I'd like to express my deep sympathy to those affected by the horrible earthquake and the aftershocks in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. I hope that over the next few weeks that there will be another outpouring of help, similar to what we saw during the tsunami last December. During horrible disasters like these this is how people should and usually do react: it's a normal human response - to help those when they need it.

However, let's compare this normal sympathetic response of most natual disasters to mainstream media's reaction to recent hurricanes in the United States. Some media outlets started out fair, but then the criticism began. Here's a summary of major critical points that we all read:

Why did Hurricane Katrina happen? Bush must be to blame. If not him, then specifically his policies. It's all down to global warming, right? (Never mind that some of the worst hurricanes in world history happened a hundred years ago). But no matter - Still, why didn't he pass Kyoto? (Never mind that the bill was rejected by the congress in 1997, and guess who was president then?)

The criticism continued: why weren't people better prepared or better evacuated- hey everyone knows that the president of the US knows the streets of New Orleans waaaaay better than the city's mayor, right? He knows every city better than the local governments. And if he doesn't he downright should.

The criticism continued: why was the response so late? By the way, where are the troops? If they weren't in Iraq, they'd certainly be helping. Hey - why are they in Iraq anyway? Everyone knows that natural disasters are far more lethal than terrorists. And by the way, there's never been any connection between Iraq and terrorisim anyway, right? And even if there is a connection, it's well established that the connection has been caused by one man: GW Bush.

Hey let's do an investigation to find out how GW's federal government failed us, similar to what we did with the 9/11 commission. An all-out investigation of the federal government is what the US really needs right now.

Hey, I'm not saying criticism should not be done. It should be. But in this case, the mainstream media so obviously had another agenda - to squash the president. Hopefully they let off Musharraf easier.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Goss' Bad Press = Good News

According to the MSM, Porter Goss' changes at the CIA are causing quite a stir. After decades of bureaucracy, ineptitude and often highly partisan politics (does Valerie Plame ring a bell?), Porter Goss is starting to make waves.

To some, the intelligence agency's future looks bleak under the leadership of Director Porter Goss. Fights between top CIA managers and Goss' inner circle are spilling into public view. Veterans are retiring early. Report after report is critical of the CIA's performance.

This is great news. The CIA has become so partisan lately that classified information that could potentially make President Bush look bad somehow appears on the front page of the NY Times. Husbands are sent to Niger to sip green tea and lie about yellow cake sought by Iraq. Officers head to the press to make their case rather than to the President or the CIA head.

Porter Goss is starting to change the culture at the CIA and the media and many Democrats are not going to take it lying down. The more criticism we hear about Goss and the CIA in the coming weeks and months, the better - it means he is actually making some long needed changes.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Joke of the Day

The Nobel Peace Prize: Perhaps to George W. Bush for freeing 50 million people from tyranny? Or even the dark horse, Bono, for his work in Africa. Think again. This is the Nobel Peace Prize, which has become a complete joke.

And the winner is - Mohamed elBaradei, head of the IAEA and the IAEA itself share the prize. Ha!

The only countries that have been disarmed were Libya and Iraq, thanks to President Bush. This is an obvious attempt to give the appearance to the world that the IAEA actually has some sort of power or efficacy.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bloomberg: NYC To Continue "Random" Searches

According to the FBI, NY City has received its most specific terrorist threat ever, in which terrorists are reportedly planning to detonate multiple bombs on the city's subway system.

Fortunately for the ACLU and liberals everywhere, Mayor Bloomberg still refuses to give into common sense and use any form of profiling. "We will continue with our random searches," Bloomberg said, emphasizing the word 'random' during his press conference this afternoon. (Just remember, terrorists: these random searches are voluntary, so if you have a bomb in a suitcase, you are free to turn around and try another subway.)

Al Gore Forgets to take Medication

Not sure who might find this interesting, as I didn't think anyone listened to this depressing and downbeat guy anymore. But if you read the text of Gore's speech, I'm sure you'll agree with my advice to the former vice-president: Please Al, don't forget to take your prozac. Drudge has a picture as well.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Where is George Bush Headed?

I'm sorry to say this, but George Bush has been going downhill rather quickly. He has usually done the correct thing on the big issues (tax cuts, Iraq, most judges), but his lack of ability to restrain spending has already eroded significant conservative support. I put little faith in his ability to convince Congress to maintain the tax cuts after 2008, which will result in a massive tax increase. He's already lost on the Social Security issue.

And finally, his choice of Supreme Court nominee appears to be a big dud. Nothing against Harriet Miers, but when several well-respected conservatives - including Bill Kristol, Rush Limbaugh and David Frum, among others, are lukewarm at best about Bush's choice, I become very worried.

With 55 Republican Senators and a huge electoral victory in 2004, we shouldn't have to wonder whether we might get another Anthony Kennedy, Sandra Day O'Connor or worse, a David Souter. I'm afraid Bush is starting to care more about appeasing "moderates" and Democrats than sticking by his principles. I hope I'm wrong...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Pelosi In a Bind with PACs

Democrat House leader Nancy Pelosi must be hoping that Tom DeLay is not found guilty of any wrongdoing. The Federal Election Commission has charged Pelosi with attempting to bypass the limit on campaign contributions, the same thing for which Tom DeLay was indicted by a Texas Grand Jury. The only difference is that DeLay still has yet to be found guilty of any wrongdoing.