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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cuba To Begin Drilling Off Florida Coast Next Year

Cuba and its partners, China, Spain, France and Canada, expect to start drilling off the oil-rich coast of Florida as early as next year with rigs that drill deeper than the well BP drilled in the Gulf of Mexico.

So, would you rather allow the U.S. to reap the benefits, including jobs and profits, or the Cubans?

The Public School Hiring Boom

Cato has a very interesting chart that shows the growth in public school employment vs. enrollment. Enrollment is up 10% while school employment is up 100%.

Elizabeth Warren and the Oncoming Disaster

Elizabeth Warren, who believes that almost all financial companies are crooks designed to "rip off" consumers and used to say so regularly, is the new "most powerful bureaucrat" in the U.S. She wasn't confirmed by the Senate and was not elected - and therefore is accountable to no one. As George Mason professor Todd Zywicki says,

The head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is one of the most powerful bureaucratic positions ever created in the American political system. It can regulate or ban almost every consumer credit product in the country, yet it is beyond Congress's power of the purse because its budget is guaranteed as a percentage of the Fed's annual revenues. Under normal circumstances, the Senate would have the opportunity to ask Ms. Warren to explain the way in which she has sometimes interpreted data in her research before entrusting her with control of the agency.

Expect consumers and financial companies alike to pay a very, very high price as a result of Ms. Warren's personal and ideological preferences.

30,000 McDonalds Employees May Lose Health Plan Due to Obamacare

According to the WSJ, it would be come cost prohibitive to provide approximately 30,000 of its employees with its existing "mini-med" health care plans if it does not get a government waiver to the new loss ratio rule put in place under the disastrous Obamacare diktat.

Last week, a senior McDonald's official informed the Department of Health and Human Services that the restaurant chain's insurer won't meet a 2011 requirement to spend at least 80% to 85% of its premium revenue on medical care.

McDonald's and trade groups say the percentage, called a medical loss ratio, is unrealistic for mini-med plans because of high administrative costs owing to frequent worker turnover, combined with relatively low spending on claims.

...McDonald's move is the latest indication of possible unintended consequences from the health overhaul.

Except of course, that this was not "unintended." As we all know, Obama has intended for everything he has produced thus far. Karl Marx would be proud...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Houston Voter Registration Fraud Linked to Obama

Not surprising that the massive fraudulent voter registration drive in Houston is linked to Obama and his supporters.

How Democrats Turned the Surplus into Deficits

Most Democrats love to argue that President Clinton handed President Bush giant surpluses when Bush took office. They cite the CBO's forward-looking revenue projections from 1999 and 2000 at the peak of the Internet bubble (remember Nasdaq 5100?). They conveniently forget that by the end of 2000, we were in a recession and had the CBO recalculated its decade-out projections, we would have been showing massive deficits. Of course, the same is true with today's situation. From the WSJ:

For the sake of comparison, let's look at the Pelosi-Reid fiscal record over 10 years. In January 2007, the CBO projected a $379 billion surplus over the next decade. Now, after four years under Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reid, and two years of Mr. Obama in the White House, the 2007-2016 projection is a deficit of $7.16 trillion.

By the Democrats' own argument, they just squandered a surplus into unprecedented deficits.

Obama Seeking Dukakis's Advice

I'd say desperation has reached a new level.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obama's CBO Chief: Tax Cuts Would HURT Economy

Yup, you heard that right. According to CBO chief Douglas Elmendorf, not raising taxes would be helpful in the short term, but would "force" the government to borrow so much that it would kill the economy.

Yeah, because it is impossible to try to roll back any of Obama's trillion dollar spending binge, right? And because the CBO is never wrong in its projections...

It's Begun - Insurers Cancelling Plans Due to Obamacare

According to Obama, "if you want to keep your existing coverage, you can keep it." We knew it was a lie then and now the inevitable is beginning. Health insurers dropping coverage because, let's face it, they would rather not go bankrupt. Last week, it was children's policies in South Carolina. Today, it's Harvard Pilgrim for seniors in Mass., NH and Maine.

And it's only just begun...

Obama: Free Press is "Destructive" To U.S.

Obama, in slamming Fox News, basically said that a free media, if it has a different opinion than his radical Marxist view, is "destructive" to the country. (Or at least to him...)

FBI Investigating Member of Obama's "Bipartisan Fiscal Responsibility" Commission

The FBI is investigating Obama buddy and former head of the SEIU Andrew Stern, for corruption at the largest government employee union.

Stern is also a proud member of the "deficit reduction" commission appointed by Obama earlier this year. The group was formed to give Obama an excuse to steal even more money from American taxpayers.

Ally Bank and the Convenient Foreclosure Freeze

Ally Financial, the mortgage subsidiary of taxpayer-owned GMAC, recently decided to halt all foreclosures for the foreseeable future. Apparently, some lazy (or crooked) employees at Ally signed hundreds or thousands of documents relating to foreclosures without reviewing everything on a case by case basis, particularly in Florida. Now most states are jumping on board, ordering a halt to foreclosures everywhere.

The skeptic in me wonders whether this isn't all too convenient. A mortgage company that is extremely friendly to the Obama administration blows the whistle on itself and then orders a halt to all foreclosures. I will be following to see if this is temporary until they make sure Ally has removed the responsible employees or whether this ends up resulting in thousands of taxpayer funded bailouts, which is precisely what Obama wants.

Monday, September 27, 2010

McMahon Closing in on Blumenthal in CT

Lead is down to 5 points. I don't know much about Linda McMahon except what is on her website, but I agree with almost all of her stated positions, especially about lower taxes and smaller government. I dont know much about Blumenthal either except he lied about serving in Vietnam and he helped sue the Big East as Attorney General of Connecticut. That's enough for me.

The Post Office Follows Il Postino in Finances

As the WSJ notes, the U.S. Post Office is about to ask for another rate hike, to 46 cents from 44 cents for a letter, an increase of 4.5% or 3-4x the rate of inflation. It seems to have been doing this for the better part of a decade now. And it still lost $3.5 billion in the last quarter alone.

Today the average postal worker makes $83,000 a year in wages and benefits, roughly 50% above the average compensation for private workers, according to federal wage data. Those benefits are already so generous the post office could save $560 million a year if the mailman paid the same 28% share of employee health premiums that other federal employees pay, which is still below the norm in the private economy. Normally when a company is losing $16 billion a year in revenues, unions see the need for concessions.

The sad part is that Obama and the Democrats think the government does such a great job and running the Post Office operations that they want to make this the norm for every private industry.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Community Banks May Spurn Obama's $30 Billion Stimulus Plan

Not surprisingly, many small banks who are supposedly benefactors of Obama's $30 billion program to help "community banks lend" to small businesses are saying no thanks.

They have already seen what happens when the government takes an equity stake in a bank and no one is too keen on that. Secondly, most community banks claim to have enough money to lend but just lack the good investment opportunities to do so.

The Assault on For-Profit Education

RedState has a good post on Obama's assault on for-profit education. Statists hate the fact that a company can have the audacity to provide a service students (and employers) want, do it less expensively than the government and still turn a profit!

But that's only half the story. If and when the gainful employment and other rules are implemented by the DOE (expected mid-2011), it will have a very big impact on a certain segment of students. I studied the data released from the DOE and the students who will be denied acceptance at schools will be largely students at inner city campuses - in particular, poor minorities (especially poor minority women), many of whom require the specific job skills training offered and would be on welfare without it.

Democrats will end up blaming the schools themselves when at the start of the next school year, these students are turned away, but of course, it will be these Democrat policies that cause it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Figures....Reid Thugs Won't Let Angle Speak

Unsurprisingly, Harry Reid supporters would not let GOP candidate speak during their debate in Nevada. Freedom of speech? I guess they never heard of that one.

Fifth Third Chairman: FinReg Will Create "Unbearable Burden" for Small Banks

According to Fifth Third chairman William Isaac, the Dodd-Frank "reform" bill hasn't done anything to solve the real financial problems such as "too big to fail."

Instead, all it does is increase regulations and cost, making credit more difficult. Further, although it will be a "nuisance" to big banks, it will create an "unbearable burden" to small banks. Who would have guessed? (Apart from anyone with a first grade education, that is...)

The funny thing is that this bill will actually make the big banks even bigger, worsening the "too big to fail problem."

Andy Stern: Hmm...Maybe We Should Allow Profit Repatriation

Obama's buddy Andy Stern, former SEIU union boss, says that it makes sense for American companies to be able to repatriate capital to the U.S. without facing double taxation.

In a recent blog entry for the Washington Post, Mr. Stern called for a law that would allow American multinational corporations to bring home, at a temporary low tax rate, a half-trillion dollars in overseas profits. Under the current tax code, these profits would be taxed at 35%, minus the amount already taxed by the government of the foreign country where the profits were earned. Corporations seek to avoid this double taxation, of course, so they keep their money parked outside the U.S.

...With just a stroke of a pen, Congress and the president could change the tax code to temporarily eliminate this double taxation. Doing so would result in $30 billion flowing into the U.S. Treasury, plus $470 billion becoming available for U.S. corporations to distribute to investors as dividends, to workers as jobs and wages, and to other businesses through capital investments and inventory restocking.

That's what happened in 2004, when the tax rate on unrepatriated profits was reduced for a short period. Allen Sinai of Decision Economics Inc. estimates that of the $360 billion that was repatriated, 25% was used for U.S. capital investment, 23% for hiring and training U.S. employees, and 14% for U.S.-based research and development. Mr. Sinai estimates that such a tax reduction today would have an equally large impact, generating more than 600,000 jobs in 2011. It's hard to imagine a more effective stimulus, especially since it would cost taxpayers nothing.

To Obama, however, common sense is irrelevant. It's about punishing companies he views as unfair and evil.

Tom Coburn's Plan

If there's one Senator who stands for smaller government, it's Tom Coburn. Should Republicans gain victory in the Congress, it will be because the electorate wanted to stop wasteful spending, and no one is a stonger advocate than Coburn. Coburn has a simple plan should the GOP win the congress, but before that, he issues a strong warning:

For Republicans, the most important question leading into November is not how many seats we might gain, but what will we do if we gain them. Having lived through the rise and fall of the 1994 Republican Revolution I'm convinced that if the Republican Party does not reform itself this time, it will die. It will no longer exist and I won't be a part of it.

Coburn's plan is simple: cut waste and eliminate earmarks - he has a few more specifics in his piece. Republicans wold be wise to listen to the man.

Sheriff Arpaio Gets Clean Audit; DOJ Still Has Vendetta

Obama's DOJ hates Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. Despite a clean audit from the U.S. Marshals Service (a division within DOJ), the DOJ is still on its witch hunt to take the sheriff down.

The Justice Department said in a statement that its investigation "pertains to allegations of discrimination in jails and police practices that are not covered by the Marshals Service review."

Why? Because the sheriff feeds his inmates 3 bologne sandwiches a day, he makes them work, they have to live in tents and he doesn't turn a blind eye to illegal immigrants.

Cahill Advisor: Don't Re-elect Patrick!

John Weaver, Cahill's strategist, and a former McCain advisor, has decided to bow out of the Cahill's campaign for MA Governor. Reason:

I don't want to be a party by helping Tim to in effect, help reelect one of the most liberal governors in the country, and that's Governor Patrick.

Good reason. I just don't see why he's coming to this realization now. I don't know much about Cahill, but I suspect the pressure will mount for him to exit the race.

As a side note, Weaver has been advising Cahill, a former Democrat, but now independent. Weaver was one of three McCain advisors originally helping Cahill's campaign, and is the last one to leave. Tells us a little bit about John McCain, if we weren't already clear.

But this is good news if you don't want Patrick re-elected.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dems Delay Tax Vote (Read: Taxes Are Going Up)

The Dems decided not to vote on whether to raise tax rates beginning Jan. 1, 2011. They are going to wait until after the elections, which by then, we will hear from the "bipartisan deficit reduction commission."

And the result will be that the government "can't afford" to keep taxes low. After all, it is all the government's money...

Dem Anthony Weiner: It's Goldline's Fault!

The price of gold is skyrocketing and the economy continues to tank. And Dem Rep. Anthony Weiner seems to think that it's Goldline's fault.

The Positives of "The Pledge"

Yes, it's generic and not bold enough. But the good news about the Republican Pledge is that, two key points - don't raise taxes and repeal Obamacare, are both mentioned explicitly.

Assuming a GOP victory in November, they can say, "this is our mandate from the voters." Heck, when Obama won, he claimed he had a mandate from voters to do whatever he pleased (even though he ran on cutting taxes, as hard as that is to believe).

Obama Motors Making Political Donations Again

After a massive taxpayer bailout for the auto unions, GM now has the audacity to turn around and use some of that money for political donations. Regardless of whether the money goes to Dems or the GOP (most of it to Dems of course), this is infuriating.

Deval Patrick May Squeak Through

Looks like the divide-and-conquer strategy might work. Despite the fact that Tim Cahill worked with Patrick, looks like he's taking votes away from Charlie Baker. Now the Boston Herald says that women are not charmed by Baker. Start smiling Charlie! Still got time!

Barney Frank Poll: Losing Ground

According to an internal poll by Sean Bielat, he's within 10 points, one week after he won the GOP nomination.

Classic Jack Welch on CNBC - Obama Policies Are Terrible

Former GE Chairman & CEO Jack Welch is slamming Obamanomics on CNBC, saying that Republicans are the "party of no" because all of these policies are "terrible." He has ripped everything from the Finreg to Obamacare to the Auto bailouts and more.

President Barack Obama's administration has an "anti-business" bias which manifests itself through intimidation, trade, taxes and regulation, Welch also said.

Classic. But what does Jack Welch know? Shouldn't we have more faith in our dear politicians than simple business leaders?

Even liberal elitist Warren Buffett says that the stimulus has had much less impact than economists had hoped and that he has know idea how to change the sour mood among Americans. (Hint, Warren: throw your buddy the hell out of office.)

New Republican Pledge: Ridiculous?

Erick Erickson from Redstate thinks so. I haven't been able to download the 21 page document yet, but my guess is that I will be in Erickson's camp after doing so.

The problem with most Republicans is that they're unwilling to make REAL changes. OK, so they want to repeal Obama's healthcare plan - that should be a given since 70% of Americans hate the thing. On taxes, they don't want any new tax increases - OK - again, good, and a lot better than Obama, but why stop there? Why not pledge across the board TAX CUTS - both for corporations, investments, and individuals.

Want to stimulate job growth? Why not have a 5 year plan to reduce US corporate tax rates from 35% to 15%? I guarantee this jump starts job growth if the tax cuts are made permanent. Instead, most Republicans continue to support temporary tax credits, which never work. Instead of budget freezes, why not across the board 10% cuts over the next 3 years given to EVERY government department? I'm afraid we won't get this from Boehner and co.

Don't get me wrong - when Republicans win in November, even if they do absolutely nothing, that will be an enormous improvement on Obama, Pelosi, and Reid's disastrous experiment. But Americans want REAL CHANGE and this is only going to come from outside-the-box thinkers. I don't think someone like Boehner, who has held the same job for almost 20 years is going to bring about the change that I want to see.

Vote Republican in November, but let's demand new leadership. I'll come back with opinions after I'm able to download the 21 page pledge.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vulnerable Dems: People Will Agree With Us...Really

Listening to Tom Periello, a Democrat freshman congressman from rural Virginia, makes one understand that Democrats are still clueless about Americans' anger over Obamanomics.

“It’s frustrating down here because we know if we get our message out, people will agree with us, but when airwaves are flooded like they are, democracy and public debate lose.”

Yes, folks, Periello believes the only problem with Obamanomics and Obamacare is that they are not being loud enough about the programs. Delusional.

Democrat Officials in Bell, CA Arrested on Corruption Charges

A handful of Democrat officials in the city of Bell, outside of Los Angeles, were arrested on corruption charges yesterday for stealing (ahem, misappropriating) public funds.

course, there wasn't a single mention that these officials were Democrats. Whether national or local, Democrats love the public taxpayer money...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obama's Aunt: The United States Took Advantage of Me!

So here's the deal, Barack Obama's aunt came to the United States as an immigrant and illegally over-stayed her visa. She was also very sick when she arrived to the US, and she had no insurance.

Since she arrived many years ago, she has been cared for by doctors in the US, she has been given a house in the US, and she has been receiving $700 disability checks every month.

Now she claims:

I didn't take advantage of the system. The system took advantage of me.

Evidently this is the world the Obamas live in.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Proof DOJ Officials Lied Under Oath About Black Panther Case

It seems that certain DOJ officials may have committed perjury by lying under oath about what they knew regarding the Black Panther voter intimidation case.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Colin Powell Regularly Hires Illegal Aliens

Colin Powell, the so-called "moderate Republican" that journalists love (mainly because he only trashes his own party, assuming he really is a Republican, which I doubt), says that he regularly hires illegal aliens to work around his house. Of course, Tim Geithner regularly cheats on his taxes, but that's supposed to be illegal too.

Colin Powell definitely knows the pulse of America. It was just last year that he said Americans want higher taxes and bigger, more intrusive government, so the GOP should just agree with Obama's revolution. He was, oh, so close on that one...

Veteran DC Anchor Fired Over Reporting Truth

Veteran anchor for DC's local ABC affiliate Doug McKelway was recently fired from his position for telling the unflattering truth about Obama's contributions from BP.

In DC, telling the truth about Democrats is strictly verbotten.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Barney Frank in Trouble?

Barney Frank beginning to get nervous?  Frank certainly knows that Scott Brown won his 4th district.   Could Sean Bielat be the one who dethrones Frank?  Frank, in looking for his 17th term as US congressman has shown signs of cracking.  One sign of desperation: he's asking Bill Clinton to come to his district to campaign for him.  

At least he's smart enough not to seek Obama's help.  That would probably be the nail in the coffin.  

Alaska's Murkowski Wants To Play Spoiler

Soon to be former Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski lost the GOP primary. Now she's going to launch her write-in campaign. This always seems to happen when liberal Republicans lose. People complain about conservatives purging the party of moderates, but the opposite is closer to the truth. Look at Castle in DE or Crist in FL or Specter in PA or Scozzafava in NY or now Murkowski in AK - they lose the primary fair and square because their voters would rather have their opponents. So they either switch parties, endorse the other party's candidate or launch a write-in campaign, in each case badly damaging the GOP chances.

Primaries take place for a reason. And when a sore loser candidate loses and tries another tactic to override the will of the voters, that person should be scorned and abandoned altogether by the party. Fortunately a lot of voters see their opportunism for what it is.

Friday, September 17, 2010

LA: $2 Million Per Stimulus Job

This is why government should not be in the business of creating jobs. With LA's $111 million stimulus funds, it used to create a total of 55 permanent jobs.

WaPo: Maxine Waters' Bank: The Inside Story

The story behind OneUnited Bank, in which Maxine Waters had a significant investment, is precisely why Americans are disgusted with Washington and their insider dealings.

Radical Liberal Warren to Set up "Consumer Protection" Bureau

If you thought credit was tight and rates were getting higher before, just wait until radical liberal Elizabeth Warren gets finished with her new bureaucratic regulations on the industry. She will be setting up the "consumer protection" bureau - a misnomer if ever there was one.

The New Democrat Logo

This is funny.

The So-Called "Lost Decade"

Over the past year, I've heard a lot about the 2000-10 time period as being the "lost decade." The WSJ today has a headline, "Lost Decade for American Income." While inflation-adjusted median household income did decline over the period, there are a couple of important facts to keep in mind.

First, the starting point in 2000 was artificially inflated. Remember what you or your friends were doing back in 2000? On the heels of the internet bubble, companies were paying inflated salaries to employees because they were so flush with cash. It was only in late 2000 and into 2001 that this cash started to be depleted and salaries then fell into line with historical norms. Second, this measurement also measures pre-tax income. In my opinion, after-tax income is a better measure of individual family prosperity and the tax cuts put in place in 2003 effectively gave American families additional spending power. Third and most importantly, the majority of this income stagnation has occurred since the recession began in 2008/2009 and under a non-radical federal government, should reverse itself in the next year or two.

Liberals go one step further and call the whole decade "the lost decade," but this is absurd. U.S. GDP increased from $9.7 trillion to $14.4 trillion, which translates into a 48% increase over a decade, which is actually pretty good.

The bottom line is that while the Obama years have indeed been a disaster, the last decade actually was decent. Still, the best way to American prosperity is for the government to get the hell out of the way.

Comment on Record Poverty

As expected, the number of Americans in poverty reached an all time record since records have been kept in 1959.

But if you think poverty levels are high today, just wait until the end of Obama's term when the true impact of his calamitous policies kick in.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Senate Passes Meaningless "Small Business Bill"

Hooray - the Senate passed a "small business stimulus" bill that will have very little effect compared to the adverse effects they will face on January 1 when their taxes spike.

The highlight of the bill is a $30 billion fund designed to "encourage community banks" to lend to "small businesses." This is simply bizarre. All banks - including community banks - must increase their regulatory capital ratios over the next year or two or be shut down by the Feds. (Some have already done major capital raises but many others will have to do more, if they can.) The other thing banks can do to improve their capital levels is reduce lending when their existing loans get paid down.

So with this bill, community banks will be "encouraged" to lend more - assuming, of course their balance sheet can afford them the chance to do so. Oh, but does anyone in the government think that perhaps if those attractive lending opportunities existed, that the profit motive might be sufficient to encourage them to lend without the government??

Once again, the insane and clueless are running the asylum in Washington...

Warren At Treasury Means Even Less Confidence in Financials

Elizabeth Warren, the radical anti-business, anti-financial company, "consumer protection watchdog," is apparently going to become one of the senior personnel at Treasury.

The woman who once called the financial sector a bunch of "crooks" and "thieves" will be officially in charge of the financial sector. Expect higher costs, even less credit availability and less investor confidence - she is a disaster of Obama proportion...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

O'Donnell Closing in on Victory in Delaware

We kept hearing that she didn't have a chance - even up until this past weekend. Now conservative DE Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell is about to win pretty big in the primary - she's up 9 points with 65% of precincts reporting.

"Polls" claim that O'Donnell cannot win the general election in November and RINO candidate Mike Castle was a near guarantee to win for Republicans.

Big deal. First, I don't buy that O'Donnell can't win the general. There are plenty of angry voters in DE who know that Obamanomics does not work, just as they did in Massachusetts. But let's say it's true that O'Donnell loses the general election. We've already heard that we needed Specter in Pennsylvania, Chafee in Rhode Island, Crist in Florida and on and on. If Republicans had one extra Senator in Castle who votes with Democrats 3/4 of the time, what good is it?

If anything, it only increases the chances that
bad laws get passed because the GOP will compromise with Democrats on bad ideas. We have enough Olympia Snowes, Scott Browns and Susan Collins' as it is. We don't need another to pass bad laws and then have the GOP take the blame when the laws are a mess. We need the "hell no's" and those who understand every law passed since Jan. 20, 2009 must be repealed. We've tried compromising with liberalism and it does not work.

O'Donnell is well worth the gamble in my opinion.

O'Donnell wins. Will Castle now support the Republican winner or pull a Crist/Specter/Chafee/Scozzafava and turn Democrat or Independent? Let's see how much of a Republican he claims to be...

Castro Pulls an Anti-Obama

Leftist dictator Fidel Castro is is laying off half a million Cuban government employees with hopes that the private sector will create enough jobs on its own to employ them. Castro appears to have seen the light that you can't pay employees if there is no private sector to fund them.

All hope is not lost that Leftist dictators in the U.S. will begin to see the same light.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Barone: Obama's Gangster Government

Michael Barone points out that Obama and his cronies are taking gangster government to a new level. If companies criticize Obama's policies, Obama will go after them and try to destroy them.

Record U.S. Poverty Under Obama

Congratulations to our president - the U.S. is about to announce that Obama's America has recorded the highest increase in the number of Americans living in poverty since the government began tracking such records in 1959.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Obama Calls on Americans For....Tolerance on 9/11

Nine years after 9/11, Obama marked the occasion by calling for tolerance from Americans.

Spare us your lectures. I think Obama should probably preach to the Muslim countries in the Middle East instead. How many Christians or Jews live in the Middle East (apart from Israel)? Instead, he just reinforces his view that it's the American people that are intolerant.

Fortunately, we are intolerant of wacko Leftist politicians and presidents...

Friday, September 10, 2010

41 Obama Aides Owe Back Taxes

No wonder Democrats don't care about higher tax rates - they don't pay their taxes anyway.

41 Obama White House employees owe nearly $1 million in back taxes. It's a prerequisite for working there, I suppose.

Obama Sticks Nose Into Private Insurance Sector Again

Obama raises the costs of health insurers dramatically. Insurers respond with planned rate increases. Now Obama says that these "unjustified" rate increases "won't be tolerated."

The Obama administration is in complete denial about what makes the private economy work.

"There will be zero tolerance for this type of misinformation and unjustified rate increases," Ms. Sebelius wrote. "We will not stand idly by as insurers blame their premium hikes and increased profits on the requirement that they provide consumers with basic protections."

Because we all know Obama has told us that his increased costs would actually lower our premiums, right?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Castro: The Cuban Model Doesn't Work

In a recent interview, Fidel Castro has admitted that communism doesn't work. To many that's just stating the obvious, but I'm sure many intellectual elites will be saddened and maybe even angered by Castro's words. When asked by Atlantic journalist if Cuba's economic model should be exported around the world to other nations, Castro replied:

The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore.

Can someone please tell Obama?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

WaPo Falls For Fake Congressman Tweet

Jonathan Capehart, a writer for the Washington Post, is just like most other journalists for the leading left-wing news outlets - lazy and incompetent. Upon reading a twitter post from a "Rep. Jack Kimble," Capehart responded and referred to the fake Congressman in his article - without realizing the Congressman does not exist.


Insurers Raising Rates Due to Obamacare

The White House and those with less than a kinderkarten education must be shocked - shocked - at this development that insurers are going to pass on extra Obamacare costs to consumers. From the WSJ:

Health insurers say they plan to raise premiums for some Americans as a direct result of the health overhaul in coming weeks, complicating Democrats' efforts to trumpet their signature achievement before the midterm elections.

...These and other insurers say Congress's landmark refashioning of U.S. health coverage, which passed in March after a brutal fight, is causing them to pass on more costs to consumers than Democrats predicted.

...Many carriers also are seeking additional rate increases that they say they need to cover rising medical costs. As a result, some consumers could face total premium increases of more than 20%.

Who would have guessed?

Who is Sean Bielat? Barney Frank knows.

He's Barney Frank's most likely challenger in MA's 4th district, that's who. He's an ex-Marine, and ex-Democrat, and I like what he stands for. If you check out his website, you'll see what I mean:

On Deficit Reduction: he favors not just generic budget cuts, but entitlement reform - meaning medicare, medicaid and social security. This needs to happen.

On Taxes: I favor a tax code where an individual pays no income tax on earnings up to the poverty line and pays only a relatively low flat tax above that level.

On Barney Frank: In the town hall meetings, he craps all over his constituents... He's just rude.

This guy may be the one to take down Barney Frank after nearly 30 years. Let's hope so.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

WSJ: The Disastrous Obama Economy

The WSJ summarizes the Democrat disaster that has turned our economy to shambles. Bizzy blog adds a few additional thoughts, and like me, credits Ben Bernanke as the only serious government official who helped the economy from getting worse.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Obama: How About Another Failed Stimulus?

After several failed Democrat stimulus plans going back to 2008, Obama thinks all we need is...another stimulus.

If $100 billion or $1 trillion "stimulus" is so great (money borrowed from taxpayers to spend on...taxpayers?), then why not spend $100 trillion?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Obama: Brand New Poll Lows

57% of Americans now disapprove of our dear Marxist President, while 47% "strongly disapprove." Where would Obama be without fawning media coverage?

Friday, September 03, 2010

Car Czar Rats Out Obama's Political Stance on Autos

Former Obama car czar tells the truth about Obama's intervention in the auto industry - it was naive, political and bullying.

When Obama was told of the plan to pay GM CEO Rick Wagoner a $7.1 million severance package after Obama ordered that he be sacked, Rattner writes: "Suddenly I felt that I was indeed in the presence of a community organizer..."

"[Obama's economic team] veered dangerously close to having the government take control of the two most troubled banks, Bank of America and Citigroup."

"If his team had linked arms with the outgoing administration, as President Bush's advisers had proposed, billions of dollars could well have been saved."

Rattner said Obama was frustrated with the auto companies from the start: "Why can't they make a Corolla?" he has Obama asking.

It's what you get with an administration who believes the government runs the whole economy.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Deval Patrick: "I Wish It Weren't" a Free Country

Mass. Democrat Governor and Obama buddy Deval Patrick is a bit too candid with his views on the Beck-Palin rally which attracted approximately 500,000 Americans:

"It''s a free country. I wish it weren't."

It's how radical leftists think.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Obama Education Sec. Invites DOE Employees to Sharpton Rally

Just catching up on some of the news over the past week. Obama's Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, invited all DOE employees to Al Sharpton's rally last week. Incidentally, the Beck-Palin rally, held on the same day, had 100 times the number of people.

As David Boaz explained in the Examiner, it was a ”highly inappropriate” thing to do, pushing people who are supposed to serve all Americans to support one side of a “political debate.” But that’s just the most obvious problem with Duncan’s weekend doings.

Perhaps just as troubling as his rally-prodding is that Duncan declared education “the civil rights issue of our generation” at Sharpton’s event. This only about a year after helping to kill an education program widely supported by many of the people he and Sharpton insist they want to empower. I’m talking, of course, about Washington, DC’s, Opportunity Scholarship Program, a voucher program that was proven effective. But the heck with success — Duncan and President Obama let the union-hated program die.