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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Muslim Gets Free T-shirt at Airport

There's been a few stories about this Muslim man, currently living in the US and his recent situation at JFK airport. I hesitate to give more creedence to the story by talking about it, but I find it amazing that people find his story interesting and maybe even unjust.

The man was at JFK (just back from a trip to the middle east), wearing a t-shirt which says in Arabic, We Will Not Be Silent. He's evidently surprised that he has to check his shoes. Then after being checked, Jetblue employees ask him if he could turn his shirt inside out as some people have complained. The man again is surprised that upon entering a plane, that an anti-US t-shirt written in Arabic could ever be deemed offensive, and on a plane no less! Could someone donate some money so he can buy a clue!

Then he makes a big to-do about how this is against his constitutional rights blah blah blah. It's amazing that this man feels threatened by Jetblue employees when they want to handle it in "a nice way" but is not offended whatsoever when Lebanese people shout at him and tell him "you better get the hell out of here" as they hate Americans. The awful result of this ordeal is that the man gets a free New York t-shirt because he refused to turn his own inside out.

This guy needs to get out a little more! First, I'm double checked almost every time I step foot in an airport, and other than being a male between 20-40, I have no terror profile in me. This man, with his travel, arab appearance, and his t-shirt should surely be triple checked every time - sorry buddy but your t-shirt ain't helping your situation! And on his consitititional rights, hey - say what you want, except yelling fire in a crowded theatre. But wearing a pro-Arab t-shirt on a plane in this environment is something you just can't do anymore.

If this man is looking at someone to blame - let me help - it's muslim terrorists that have resulted in increased security on planes.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Plame: The Biggest Non-Story of the Year

That's more or less what Chris Hitchens is saying here via I'm not going to review all the tasty details as Hitchens does a great job here.

But, how insane is it to think that a non-story like this can result in the dismissal of anyone? Unfortunately it's an always an uphill battle working against lefties in the MSM, and the Bush administration didn't have the stomach for a fight. Let's hope that they're willing to fight a little more come November, and further, let's hope it's not too little too late.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Biden: Let's "Contain" Iran

Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) just appeared on Fox News Sunday, where he seemed to imply that the U.S. needs accept Iran as a nuclear power and should begin to start a "containment" policy. While it's not entirely clear what Biden meant exactly, he stated that the U.S. has very few options, including a military option, in Iran. For this reason, we need to begin to "contain" the country. I can only surmise that Biden meant that it's impossible to stop Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon and therefore, we should accept it and move to the next step of "containment."

Sounds like the Democrats continue to accept defeat - in Iraq, Iran or anywhere else countries want to kill Americans.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ann Coulter Ridicules Airport Security

It is insane how the government is tackling air security. Muslim fanatics boarded planes with box cutters and then all sharp objects were banned. Then Richie Reid (shoebomber man) tries the shoe approach, and then everyone has to remove their shoes to check for that. Now we hear of a plot to use liquid explosives in soda bottles and now no one can bring water, soda, or deodorant onto a plane. Coulter is right on the insanity of this problem. To me I take issue with our approach for 2 reasons:

1. It's very reactive. For eg, if someone were to attempt to suffocate someone with my brother's dirty sock (yes it could be a weapon) then socks would have to be checked. Or say someone whips a stewardess with their specially made belt-whip, then belts would be disallowed.

2. We're targeting things (that could be weapons), rather than people. Box cutters, shoes, and water do not kill people. But muslim fanatics do. AC makes the point that

Airplanes, ports, bridges, subways and shopping malls cannot ever be sanitized against every type of attack that can be dreamed up by fanatics engaged in asymmetrical warfare. We have to target the fanatics themselves. Baby formula doesn't kill people. Islamic fascists kill people.

Sorry but there exists a profile of the type of person that we need to target. Politicians need the courage to recognize this obvious threat. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone is courageous enough to tackle liberal dems and judges and the ACLU until after we are attacked again.

Monday, August 21, 2006

BBC Bias: Stop Checking Arabs!

Was just watching the news on BBC (sorry, but no link). They reported a story of a man from Dubai, with his family on vacation to London. The family visited the London Eye, otherwise known to Americans as that giant Ferris wheel. Anyway, the family waited in line, and they were searched, and after hearing arabic spoken by the family, security asked if the man could check his backpack in a nearby locker. He agreed, then returned, and upon his return, he was checked again. He was told that he was checked for knives. After being checked this time, his family boarded the London Eye.

Umm, excuse me, but is this a story? Should people not be checked when going to tourist attractions, or is it just arabic speakers that shouldn't be checked? I don't know the point, but in the story, the company that manages the Eye, BA was made to look like the villain, as was the security guard, who the BBC complained, was still at his post.

If you're looking for someone to blame, blame other British muslims or arab speakers. As most logical people realize, it is the fear of their terrorism, that is the cause of all these redundant checks.

Unfortunately, I fear that every time a muslim or arab speaker is checked anywhere, it is a story, at least to our friends at the biased BBC.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kofi: It's All Israel's Fault Again

It's official - Kofi Annan says that the ceasefire violations are Israel's fault. (I'm shocked it's not also Bush's fault.)

Despite the fact that Hezbollah, Syria, Iran and the Lebanese government essentially gave the UN the finger and said they won't abide by the terms even before the ceasefire ink was dry, Israel is supposed to pretend that their enemies are playing by the rules.

Thank God for the UN and its fair-minded moral authority.

Friday, August 18, 2006

What's the Definition of a Peace Activist?

The woman who caused a stir (some would say she threatened 300 passengers) and caused a United flight to divert from London to Boston this week is a PEACE ACTIVIST.

This made me think: what is a peace activist? Does a peace activist make offensive reference to an event where thousands of innocent Americans were killed? Does a peace activist break the law by smuggling potentially dangerous items onto a plane? Does a peace activist make reference to a terror group while on a plane (which is 10x worse than shouting fire in a crowded theater) and how to make a bomb? Does a peace activist write for a daily Muslim newspaper criticicizing her own country's freely elected president? (funnily ironic to criticize a democracy when you're not in a democratic country itself, not to mention the wonderful democratic qualities of that religion of peace). Does a peace activist urinate in public in the aisle of an airplane?

Next time you attend a peace rally, keep in mind that these are the types of people there.

Yeah. She's peaceful alright, or at least she will be when she's locked up.

France Abandoning Ship

France abandons promise to provide thousands of troops to Lebanon. Instead, they'll send 200. I suppose it's not the first time we've seen this retreat, or as is said in Monty Python's Holy Grail, "Run Away!"

But where's the outrage about this UN occupation? I don't get it.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

UK Plane Threat: Who is the Threat?

The BBC again refuses to impugn the religion of peace. In its description of the UK terror plot that Scotland Yard disrupted, it never once mentions that the potential terrorists were Muslims:

Police had spoken to a "good number of community leaders to make them aware that a major operation was under way," he added.

According to BBC sources the "principal characters" suspected of being involved in the plot were British-born. Arrests were made in High Wycombe, London and Birmingham.

Hmm. Maybe someone like Paul McCartney or Colin Montgomerie are the suspected targets, but I highly doubt it. I believe these "community leaders" are imams and leading Muslim figures, while the "principal characters" are all Muslims. Can this news reporting get any more ridiculous?

Sorry - the PC police are now using the terms "British-born Asian men." Aah - so they could be Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Singaporeans,... Just tell us what we already know - these terrorists are Middle Eastern Muslims. Neville Chamberlain is cheering from the heavens.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

1938 Revisited

If you ever wonder what Europe was like during Hitler's rise to power in the late 1930s, read this Victor Davis Hanson article. Fifty years from now, people might well ask the same question about Western Civilization today.