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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Obama Asks to Increase the Debt Ceiling by Another $1.2 Trillion

Remember when Obama increased the debt ceiling by $1 trillion back in August? Well, that didn't last long did it? Obama again wants his credit increased on the nation's credit card, this time by $1.2 trillion, to carry him through the election of 2012. Wanna guess why? And guess what? If an agreement is made until the end of 2012, and Obama were to win another, term, his credit card addictions will not end. In fact they will continue until the bitter end (2016) of what could be America's most bitter, darkest time in its history. I hope it doesn't come to this, and it doesn't have to. Here's what should be done:

Republicans come out with a simple plan, saying we want a balanced budget amendment, and saying we need to begin this process of balancing the budget THIS YEAR (oh i know it is controversial that we might actually see a cut in expenses). And it needn't be an enormous cut this year, but it needs to be a cut nonetheless of day $100 billion this year ($25 billion/quarter), and this needs to be followed by $200 billion next year. I don't want to hear anything about 15 year plans, which only exists inside Obama's community organizing brain. We need real time frames and real accountability. Most Americans will agree.

All Republican need to do is say the magic words: Balanced Budget Amendment, and stick with it, and make sure they begin to make cuts this year. Anything different, and Republicans will risk losing credibility with Americans, and they could also risk that Obama continues dictating to our country for another four years. Americans like a guy with backbone and they will support Republicans if they hold firm.